Does my child have to be potty trained?

Yes, we require that children are potty trained in order to attend the Good Life Preschool. We define fully potty trained by no more than two accidents per week consistently and able to go potty on their own without prompting. We also know that many times when starting in a new environment that children that are potty trained will regress, this is completely normal for a few weeks up to a month. If you need potty training ideas, feel free to reach out to us! Also, if your child is “close to being potty trained”, come for a tour and bring them with. This has helped many of our children that want to start school get motivated by seeing where they get to go and it can help them over that potty training hump!

Teachers are near when children use the bathroom, but the child is in the bathroom alone with the door shut, unless the child asks for help. We encourage children to use flushable wipes after a bowel movement. Teachers will be available for assistance if the child has already used the flushable wipes and is still asking us for help. We encourage parents to practice this skill at home.

Do you accept DHS (ERDC) funding?

We do! We are classified as a Tier 2 funding due to the Dundee zip code. If you have further questions on this please reach out to your DHS Advisor. 

Do you have before and after school care?

As of right now we do for Dundee Elementary for ages up to 12 years old. The bus picks up on Hidden Springs entrance around 8:05 AM and drops off on the Red Hills side around 3:45 PM each day. However, please check with the Managing Director as this may not be available next year, but your child maybe able to “catch the bus”  or “get dropped off at our location”.

What are your class sizes?

Currently we never have more than 16 children in the building at a time with a minimum of two teachers on staff and normally 3 throughout the day. This allows group sizes to stay at 8 or smaller for a more focused, high quality interaction and learning environment with your child. 

Do you offer a summer program?

We do! Our summer program we accept ages 2.5-12 years old and it follows the same scheduling options and tuition rates as our regular school year. We also will be offering drop in care during the summer session and is based on space available for that day, week or month. Please reach out to the Managing Director for summer availability or drop in care for your child, or by calling 503-899-4080. Drop in care is billed daily and is a bit higher on tuition that our normal monthly rate. 

Are your staff background checked?

Absolutely! All staff, including substitutes, are required to be background checked and cleared through the state child registry 

How many kids at The Good Life Preschool are vaccinated?