The Good Life preschool teachers are highly qualified. All staff tenure is from a minimum of One Year with the Good Life, up to Eight Years! Many of our staff have a minimum of an Associate degree in early childhood education, with over half holding a Bachelor degree or Higher. 

The provider (Lead Teacher), substitute providers (teachers), and any Assistant II-level staff are required to have fifteen (15) clocked hours of training related to child care every year. Of these 15 hours, at least eight (8) clocked hours must be in child development or early childhood education. Everyone who works or volunteers here on a regular basis must also have a cleared the Criminal Background Registry. No one under the age of 18 is allowed to be left alone with our students.

Our staff must also maintain current certifications in the following areas:

  • Current Infant/Child CPR and First Aid
  • Oregon Food Handler Certification
  • Criminal Background Registry Cleared as well as fingerprinted
  • Recognizing & Reporting Childhood Neglect & Abuse 
  • Recognizing Sexual Abuse 
  • Introduction to Child Care Health and Safety
  • All staff minimum of 20 hours of observed time in our program before they are certified to teach or sub.