Lead Trees Teacher

High Energy Teacher Jennie at our Newberg Location! 

Teacher Jennie Delp is known as "Zumba Jennie" in the community and has been teaching both kids and adults for years. Jennie has a contagious energy that kids love. 

Jennie is a native Oregonian that lives just down the road with her husband and two teenage sons. She lives on the same street as where she grew up in the Dundee Red Hills close to our main preschool location. Jennie had a nephew who attended the Good Life Preschool and fell in love with our philosophy. She also taught our specialty dance classes for the past two years at the main Dundee location. We knew Jennie would be a great addition to our team serving as the Lead Trees Teacher in Newberg. Jennie is able to take her Teaching experience and movement experience to the next level at The Good Life Preschool. Jennie also holds her Associates in Early Childhood Education