Assistant Teacher

Teacher Mia is creative in the classroom and connects individually with each child. She is the Assistant Teacher with our Newberg classes on M-F and then also helps out in the afternoonwith the other classes at our Main Dundee Location.

Mia has loved and lived in Oregon her whole life. She grew up in the Portland area before attending Western Oregon University where she earned her BS in Early Childhood & Elementary Education. After graduating, she settled in Newberg to be closer to her family.

It was clear from a young age that Mia would someday end up in education. Her favorite activity as a kid was setting up a “classroom” at her grandmother’s house for her younger cousins. As she got older, weekend playdates turned to babysitting jobs, and nannying over summer vacations. In college, Mia spent time in kindergarten, first, and third grade classrooms, but her favorite time was spent in the preschool on her college campus. After college, Mia went to work managing her family’s tasting room in downtown Newberg (you can still find her there on weekends!), as well as coordinating events for the Newberg Downtown Wineries association. She loves working with her family and being a part of the small business community in Newberg, but lately she’s felt the call to return to education.

Mia loves spending time with her family, especially playing with her nieces! When she’s not working or adventuring with her favorite people, Mia enjoys scented candles, cozy blankets, and a good Netflix binge. She loves all things pink and sparkly, Disney songs, and animals. Mia enjoys visiting the Elephants at the zoo (since her yard isn’t big enough) and has three kitties and a Husky at home.

Mia loves working with all the wonderful students, families, and teachers at the Good Life!