Please review the following Field Trip Participant Agreement, you are acknowledging that you have read and consent to the agreement.

Parent/Guardian Permission to Participate & Acknowledgment of Risk & Medical Release for The Good Life Preschool:

I hereby give permission for my child to participate in the activity listed above. I am aware there are risks and dangers inherent in this activity such as, but not limited to, the hazards of, injury from falling, inclement weather, illness, the forces of nature, and vehicle travel to and from the starting place. I am aware it is not possible to foresee and prevent all potential losses arising from outdoor activities. Knowing the risks and dangers, I understand the possible consequences of my child participating in such activity. By signing, I hereby agree to allow my child to participate in this activity with full knowledge of risks of injury/loss inherent in it and I expressly assume on behalf of my child all risk of injury, including death, associated with this activity.

I hereby state, to the best of my knowledge, my child has the necessary mental and physical skills and ability to participate in the activity.

I understand my child will be required to follow instructions and abide by reasonable safety procedures. Additionally, my child agrees to wear/use all required safety equipment as required by law or as otherwise instructed. I understand The Good Life Preschool, LLC reserves the right to refuse to allow my child to participate in part or all of the activities if they are determined to be incapable of participating safely.

All students will be required to follow the rules at the field trip. Additionally, we ask parents to choose the following transportation options on the “Field Trip Acknowledgement Sheet”. If we are transporting your child, you are required to provide an approved car seat for your child. We ask that you install it into the vehicle your child will be riding in, since you know your child’s car seat best. As the child’s parent or guardian, I assume full responsibility for my child for bodily injury, death and loss of personal property and expenses thereof.

Medical release statement:
By acknowledging, I hereby give my consent for any emergency treatment, transport and care that might become necessary for my child. As my child’s parent or legal guardian, I hereby agree to take full financial responsibility for any such care.