We know that consistent routines help children know what to expect each day. The adventures during a preschool day are never lacking, so the schedule does change. Below is a suggested schedule of activities and meals we seek to follow each day. Please make sure your child is dropped-off and picked-up by your contracted time. We plan our day/activities according to the children that will be here. If you are more than 15 minutes late to pick your child up at the end of their scheduled time, you will be charged the late fee for the day.

Getting Settled
  • Put personal belongings away, wash hands, sign-in
  • Greet teachers
  • Learning centers are available for child-initiated exploration and play
  • Learning centers include dramatic play, science, writing, art and creative expression, creation station for building and constructing, math materials and, a music and movement area
  • Breakfast is served
Whole Group Life Skills 
  • Share personal news or ideas
  • “Today I feel…..” discussion
  • Practice songs, poems, rhymes
  • Role playing social scenes
Whole Group Morning Meeting
  • Greet each other and sing together
  • Take attendance & update the Calendar
  • Morning movement songs and/or stretching/yoga
  • Announcing the day’s events
Small Group Spanish Lesson 
  • We divide into our smaller groups
  • Our Spanish Lesson from Teacher Emmy
  • Learning songs, phrases, and doing activities in Spanish 
  • Group discussions 
Small Group Circle Time 
  • Letter and number recognition
  • Phonics
  • Read stories
  • Plan activities
  • Group discussions
Outside Play
  • Bikes, tricycles, scooters & wagons for riding 
  • Balls, jump ropes, buckets and shovels available for outside play
  • Sand & water tables with tools to explore
  • Play kitchen for imagination and dramatic play
  • Observe weather, animals, birds, and the natural world
  • Nature walks
Open Hour (Montessori)
  • Learning centers are available for child-initiated, teacher supported learning
  • Learning centers include a library area, dramatic play area, science exploration, writing center, art station, science exploration, creation station for building and constructing, math materials
  • Small skill-focused groups and special projects
  • Beginning reading and writing
  • Art Lab is open and changes weekly
  • One-on-one time focused on children’s individual goals
  • Children self regulate the timing and serving of their snack.
Small Group Project Time
  • Child-initiated projects and exploration of topics suggested by students and based on their interests/questions/curiosities
  • Children plan and conduct investigations/activities in small groups and/or individually
Story Time & Music Time
  • Child choose between Story or Music
  • Reading stories for meaning
  • Acting out stories
  • Learning to sing, play instruments or dance to music
  • Children and teachers enjoy social conversation and the sense of community that comes from eating together
Rest Time
  • Children can sleep, listen to books aloud or look at books 
  • Children who are awake after 20 minutes move to activities in the Green Room.
Outside Play
  • Similar activities as earlier
Whole Group Life Skills 
  • Another activity to match the morning
Whole Group Afternoon Meeting
  • Similar to the morning meeting
Open Hour (Montessori)
  • Same style as earlier but different options
Small Group Spanish Lesson 
  • Continue the learning from the morning
Outside Play
  • Using the opposite playground
Closing Circle/Transitioning to Home
  • Late Snack is Served
  • Read stories
  • Reflect on day
  • Share daily photos
  • Pick-up work to go home
  • Gather belongings