The Good Life Preschool was created on our beliefs for children and their individual development. We value that children progress at their own pace and provide many hands-on experiences. We create methods to help each child gain self-worth and develop life skills that they can take with them when they graduate from our program. We believe in focusing on positive behaviors and teaching tools to help solve problems and self-regulate to aid them in their success of early childhood.

We use the lessons from Second Step: Early Learning Lessons to help us teach social skills and the Kelso’s Wheel of Choices (see below) that is the tool in our local elementary schools to aid them in developing life skills and self-esteem. The curriculum is research based, progressive and builds throughout the year as children increase their abilities to learn through each activity.'

The Good Life Preschool is committed to providing your child with quality care by encouraging each child to express themselves through language, art, music, and physical activity. With the emphasis on play based learning, they are building socialization and self-help skills which build their self-esteem and aid them in succeeding in all areas of life.