Weekly Family Newsletters

Make sure to keep up with what your child will be learning, current weekly menu, fun pictures and important information about our program in our Weekly Family Newsletter! We send the weekly family newsletter out via brighthweel each Monday! If you would like a family member to receive our weekly newsletter, please email tiff@thegoodlifepreschool.com.

Pre-Conference Survey

Please complete the Pre-Conference Survey before our Fall and Spring Conferences. You will need to complete both sides of the survey and the second page (back) is meant to complete with your child. You can print it out and drop it off at your child's preschool location or send it via email to your child's teacher. Make sure to save the PDF as your Child's name before attaching it to the email. Teacher Amanda-Dundee Pre-K Vines/Rivers Classes at amandai@thegoodlifepreschool.com Teacher Nicole-Dundee Preschool Suns/Stars Classes at nicole@thegoodlifepreschool.com Teacher Jennie-Newberg Location-Trees/Rainbows Classes at jennie@thegoodlifepreschool.com

2021/2022 Parent Handbook

Check out our Current Parent Handbook to help answer all your questions!

Munchkin Menu's

We strive to serve local organic food and change our menu out to include seasonal ingredients. We alternate between two seasonal menus at our main location. At our Newberg location we strive to offer local and/or organic snacks!