Oregon Immunization Info: 

Non-Medical Exemption: http://public.health.oregon.gov/PreventionWellness/VaccinesImmunization/GettingImmunized/Pages/non-medical-exemption.aspx#parents

 Communication: Tadpoles

Download Tadpoles Parent App here: You will want to go to the App Store and Search for Tadpoles Parent 

We use Tadpoles software to have parents sign in & out their children each day. Inside the front door on the left door is an iPod touch that has a keypad screen. Each parent or emergency contact will have a unique PIN assigned to each adult on the authorized pick up list. If you need to know your PIN number, please contact the Managing Director. After entering your PIN you will see your child’s face to either slide to sign in or out. We also use Tadpoles to send you a daily report when you child is checked out that will include on most days the meals, the activities during preschool, play time pictures and any messages you might need to know. These are all sent via email because it is consistent for all families use. Check out www.tadpoles.com so see what a great tool this is for your family teaming up with preschool & childcare.

Developmental Testing: ASQ (Ages & Stages Questionnaire) ASQSE (Social Emotional)

ASQ (to be completed before your child's first day of class) with the parent: https://asqoregon.com/ 

We use the ASQ and ASQSE as tools to track the development of each child in their gross motor, fine motor, language, problem solving, self-help, emotional, and interpersonal skills. Before your child’s first day you are required to go to https://asqoregon.com/ and fill out the ASQ questionnaire for your child. It is free and pretty self explanatory, but if you would like to schedule a time with our Lead Teacher to discuss, we would be happy to assist. We then do the ASQ & ASQSE every 6 months keeping a portfolio to show your child’s progress which is very helpful for the transition to Kindergarten. Go to http://www.asqoregon.com/whatisasq.php?lang=en for specific information and to do the ASQ & ASQSE. 

Other resources: 

Curriculum: Starfall.com

Much of our curriculum is based around Starfall Pre-K Curriculum.  Starfall uses nursery rhymes and books to teach all the developmental areas through experiences and creation. Please take a moment to see the units and fun lesson plans that are used in our classroom at: http://more.starfall.com/downloads/Starfall-Pre-K-Glance.php. The learning can continue at home at www.starfall.com for free.

Behavior strategies and General Development 

For more information on positive behavior strategies and general development visit these links (sites are non profit, non commercial, articles written by professionals in the field of early education – for parents) :

For children birth through age 2yrs

For children 2 years through 5 yrs

For children of all ages

The following are links to early development information many parents are interested in:

Information about the ASQ:SE can also be found at this information site operated by the publisher: http://agesandstages.com