We believe in providing our families an easy way to access information by having it at your finger tips. One of the ways we do this is by keeping up to date with your child’s learning with the brightwheel App. This allows parents on a daily basis to receive snapshots of their children, see what they learned, what they were served and conversation starters to ask your preschooler about their day. We also use brightwheel for all tuition payments to make it easy for our families! 

We believe that learning never stops, so the more resources we can provide you as a family to continue the learning process at home, the better! If there is something you need that you don’t see included under this section, please contact us.

Below are some of the resources for our families to refer to: 

Annual Goodlife Calendar

This calendar reflects all planned holidays throughout the year. Please note we are closed all major holiday, closed a week for Spring Break and two weeks for Winter Break.

Once your child is part of our program, their birthday will also be published on the calendar. 

Monthly Newsletter

As part of our program, our Monthly Newsletters are sent via brightwheel messages, to keep families up to date on fun upcoming events, local spots to check out and upcoming birthday. This is just a sample of one of our Monthly Newsletters. 

Communication: brightwheel

We know how important it is for you to feel connected to your child's educational journey throughout the day! We use a software called brightwheel, which is one of the top childcare apps in the industry! Parents/caregivers can be logged into the app to see fun pictures and videos for those special moments throughout the day. brightwheel also displays what educational curriculum we cover, food that was served and any other important information. This is also how you can learn about important updates and communicate to your child's teacher.

As an extra layer of security, each parent or emergency contact you list on the registration paperwork, will have a unique four digit PIN assigned, along with their picture displayed. This is how your child will be logged in and out of the school ech day. Please wait to be invited by the school for your child's unique link to signup. 

Oregon Immunization Info: 

The State of Oregon requires all children to be up to date on vaccines per the CDC vaccine schedule. Parents must provide a copy of their child's vaccination records to The Good Life once registered. 

Oregon does allow for Medical and Non-Medical Exemptions. Parents who wish to go through the exemption status for all or some vaccines are required to submit a Medical Exemption Certificate from a Healthcare Provider or for Non-Medical Exeptions the following certification needs to be filled out for any vaccines that the enrolled child is exempt from. Click on the link below to view and complete the Non-Medical Exemption Certificate: 

Non-Medical Exemption

Developmental Testing: ASQ (Ages & Stages Questionnaire) ASQSE (Social Emotional)

ASQ (to be completed before your child's first day of class) with the parent: https://asqoregon.com/ 

We use the ASQ and ASQSE as tools to track the development of each child in their gross motor, fine motor, language, problem solving, self-help, emotional, and interpersonal skills. Before your child’s first day you are required to go to https://asqoregon.com/ and fill out the ASQ questionnaire for your child.

This resource is complimentary to complete and pretty self explanatory, but if you would like to schedule a time with our Lead Teacher to discuss, we would be happy to assist. We then do the ASQ & ASQSE every 6 months keeping a portfolio to show your child’s progress which is very helpful for the transition to Kindergarten. Go to http://www.asqoregon.com/whatisasq.php?lang=en for specific information and to complete the ASQ & ASQSE. 



Much of our curriculum is based around Starfall Pre-K Curriculum.  Starfall uses nursery rhymes and books to teach all the developmental areas through experiences and creation. Please take a moment to see the units and fun lesson plans that are used in our classroom at: http://more.starfall.com/downloads/Starfall-Pre-K-Glance.php. The learning can continue at home at www.starfall.com for free.

Behavior strategies and General Development:

For more information on positive behavior strategies and general development visit these links (sites are non profit, non commercial, articles written by professionals in the field of early education – for parents) :

For children birth through age 2yrs

For children 2 years through 5 yrs

For children of all ages

The following are links to early development information many parents are interested in:

Information about the ASQ:SE can also be found at this information site operated by the publisher: http://agesandstages.com